Picture Hanging Systems

Locator Classic

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Slim and stylish. The Locator Classic System is designed to fit on the wall directly under your cornice and blend in as part to the cornice. Or along the shadow line in contemporary rooms. locator_classic_top_rails


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The Avanti system has a modern ‘designer’ look and is extremely versatile. It works on the wall, recessed into the wall, on the top edge of a partition or panel, on the ceiling, even in a floor to ceiling configuration! It takes either stainless steel cable or clear nylon hangers, with a range of hooks to choose from. avanti_top_rails


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The Beta system has a traditional look and is extremely strong. It takes flexible hangers as well as the more suited rigid hanger, with a range of hooks to suit either. beta_top_rails


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Most houses of a certain age, from the Victorian era into the first half of the last century, originally included a wooden picture rail. For those fortunate to have this in their homes, we have a range of specially designed hangers. For those without, however, we offer a high quality Victorian shaped moulding with pre-drilled countersunk holes complete with wooden plugs to conceal the fixings. victorian_top_rails