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One Solution To Three Picture Hanging Problems

There are three problems you will encounter when picture hanging. They can seem trivial until you start actually hanging a picture. Below is an explanation of the three issues, including the solution.

Problem #1 – Strength

When you start picture hanging you need to ensure the nails and hooks are strong enough to hold the picture. If using nails, it is recommended to hammer the nails into a stud in the wall. However it is very unlikely that the stud in in the exact place you need to hang your picture. Hanging a picture without finding a stud can be done, but is not as secure.

Problem #2 – Placement

There is always a perfect place to put your picture or piece of art on the wall. But sometimes it can take a few attempts to find the perfect position. If you are using nails or hooks you one have one attempt before you start damaging the wall or rendering the hook useless.

Problem #3 – Straightness

Picture hanging can be frustrating at times, and the final stage of getting the picture straight is no exception.

Solution – Picture Hanging Systems

A picture hanging system solves all three problems. They consist of a horizontal top rail, either wall or ceiling mounted, and a series of vertical stainless steel, nylon or solid rod hangers with adjustable hooks to support the artworks.

Picture hanging systems

Because the artwork is hung from the rail, they can be positioned in any place you desire. Also there is no need to attach hooks or nails to your walls. And finally the straightness of the artwork can be adjusted easily using the adjustable hooks.

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