Houses and Apartments

Are you looking to hang your valuable pictures or pieces of art in your home or apartment? A picture hanging system is a great way of showing off your investment.

Picture hanging systems are made up of a rail fitted near the top of the wall. These rails surround the full circumference of the room and can be blended into the wall so they are not noticeable.

Houses and apartments picture hanging 1Houses and apartments picture hanging 2

A stainless steel or nylon hanger is then attached to the picture rail, which is attached to the back of the picture using an adjustable hook. The system is very easy to adjust and moving pictures into new positions is easy. Gone are the days of hammering nails or sticking hooks into the walls.

If you are renting your home, apartment or unit the picture hanging system is a great investment. Your renters will love the ability to hang pictures without requiring your permission and you will not need to worry about their pictures damaging the walls.

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